We work with a number of webinar companies that produce webinars on a number of platforms. Some of these companies are:

Pioneer Educator (www.pioneereducator ,com)

Compliance Prime (www.complianceprime.com)

Compliance I Q (www.complianceiq.com)

Skilled Educators (www,skikkededucators.com)

Edupliance 9 www.edupliance,com)

EduProSkills (www.eduproskills.com)

  You may check their websites to find out days and times of webinars that I am speaking.

I also produce webinars specific to your own company's needs  These customized webinars will be presented at a time convenient for you. Please contact us for more details.


Webinars on "Hot Topics" available for purchase and download. Pleas check back for topics and pricing.